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NUS High Canteen Queue Length

This is the live NUS High Canteen Queue Length. Data is collected by a device in the canteen, based on the number of phones detected around the area. It'll then be calculated on a server located within NUS High and then shown on your device, such as this webpage.

Of course, you would wonder: how does this thing figure out your queue by detecting phones? Well you see, most phones nowadays are smart, and smartphones usually have WiFi. Even when WiFi is not connected, the monitoring device will still be able to receive the WiFi signals sent by your phone to scan for networks. And if your phone is connected to a WiFi network, your phone definitely transmits and receives data through WiFi, right? It'll also be able to detect these signals and therefore know 'someone' is around. Based on the number of phones around, one can reasonably estimate the amount of people around.

Hope you like this and find it useful!

Brought to you by AppVenture by NUS High. Originally created by Wern Jie Lim.
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